Inferno Fastpitch

Inferno is the premiere fastpitch softball organization in Virginia Beach, focusing on developing our players on and off the field. We are home to the Five Time National Champions, with more to come.

Our Girls


How much travel is required?

Generally younger teams (10U & 12U) will travel less than older teams (14U, 16U & 18U).

Each team is in control of their schedule and the coaches work with parents & and the board.

How far do teams travel?

Generally younger teams (10U & 12U) will limit how far they travel and most tournaments are within 1-2 hours.

Generally older teams (14U, 16U & 18U) will travel further and will have more overnight tournaments where hotels will be required.

How much are monthly dues?

Monthly dues are competitive and we have a very low initial buy-in.

Do you have an indoor facility?

Yes we do. We have 8,000 sq-ft of turf, batting cages and practice equipment.

Do you have a fundraiser?

Yes. We have an annual fundraiser that each player is required to participate in. Each player is given a minimum amount to raise.

Parents with multiple kids will be able to divide the minimum up between each of their kids.

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